Rosetta by Brown's

Unlock the beauty and nuance of nature itself in your landscape applications with Rosetta by Brown's, the innovative line of professional stone and landscaping products.

By combining the look and feel of natural weathered stone with the dimensional consistency of concrete blocks, this premium line of hardscape products delivers creative solutions never before available in an engineered system.

Only available in Ontario through Brown's Concrete and our distributors.

Grand Flag

Grand Flagstone is a perfect fit for patios or pathways where a softer random look is desired. Each layer in the slab consists of three to four smaller units, all of which maintain the attractive texture and scale of large natural flagstones, but can be laid in an easy-to-install pattern. The individual units range in size from 1 to 5 square feet, allowing the overall appearance to remain grand and uncluttered.

More Information

Each pallet consists of 8 layers total (2 of each of the four layer styles).

Layer dimensions - 42" x 36" x 1.75" (1,067mm x 965mm x 45mm)

Layer coverage - 11.25 square feet

Pallet coverage - 90 square feet

Additional Resources

For additional information such as Product Ordering Details, Laying Patterns, Installation Instructions, Specifications and FAQs, please visit our resources section.

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Rosetta by Brown's products are available in the following colours.

manitou blend

Manitou Blend

rideau blend

Rideau Blend

windsor blend

Windsor Blend


Fon Du Lac Blend (available for Rockton and Superior Steppers only)

*The above colours are considered approximate only. For closer representations, request samples from our main office.

Certified Installers

Every year, Brown's holds a 'Precast Modular Block (PMB)' Training Seminar.  This is a one-day course intended to educate installers on the proper design and installation of PMB systems, including Rosetta Outcropping.

List of Certified Installers