Miscellaneous Hardscape Products

Geo Grid

Miragrid® XT geo grids are high strength, high tenacity, high molecular weight polyester geo grids in a range of tensile strengths to meet the most demanding applications for soil reinforcement.

The 2XT is a light duty grid intended for low retaining walls. Being biaxial (having strength in two directions), it is easy to install without issues.

The 3XT is a heavier duty grid for larger commercial applications. Being uniaxial (having strength in one direction only), care has to be taken to ensure proper orientation during installation.

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Roll dimensions:

  • 2XT - 4' x 45' (1.21m x 13.7 m)
  • 2XT - 6' x 150' (1.83m x 45.72m)
  • 3XT - 6' x 150' (1.83m x 45.7 m)
  • 3XT - 12' x 150' (3.65m x 45.7 m)

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