Garden & Retaining Walls

Our segmental retaining wall systems are the product of choice for the most demanding of homeowners, installers, and architects. Due to their versatile nature, they can used for a wide variety of landscaping and structural projects including straight or curved walls, terraces, steps, planter boxes, pedestals, lamp posts, entrance pillars, free standing walls and driveway/garden edgers.



Grande™ is a massive gravity wall system intended for higher and/or larger retaining walls. With three different module sizes (375mm, 750mm and 1125mm deep), the Grande wall system can be used to construct both gravity or geogrid reinforced walls, depending on the clients needs. The wall is finished with 438mm deep coping units. The multiple interlocking tongue and groove system also allows for variable face slopes.

More Information

  • 375 Unit Dimensions: 39.375" x 7.875" x 14.76" (1000mm x 200mm x 375mm)
  • 375 Unit Weight: 355 lbs (161 kg) each

  • 750 Unit Dimensions: 39.375" x 7.875" x 29.52" (1000mm x 200mm x 750mm)
  • 750 Unit Weight: 710 lbs (322 kg) each

  • 1125 Unit Dimensions: 39.375" x 7.875" x 44.29" (1000mm x 200mm x 1125mm)
  • 1125 Unit Weight: 1064 lbs (482 kg) each

  • 438 Coping Unit Dimensions: 39.375" x 7.875" x 17.25" (1000mm x 200mm x 438mm)
  • 438 Coping Unit Weight: 469 lbs (213 kg) each

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Brown's Retaining Wall Colours

Reference the product pages to see what colours are stock and special order.

autumn range

Autumn Range

blackwood range

Blackwood Range



laurentian range

Laurentian Range

robinson range

Robinson Range

sandstone range

Sandstone Range

timmins range

Timmins Range


*The above colours are considered approximate only. For closer representations, request samples from our main office.

Recommended Products Based on Wall Heights

Low Walls (less than 27")

  • Dimensional Wall (see Rosetta by Brown's)
  • Wedgestone
  • Wedgestone Classic
  • Belvedere Wall (see Rosetta by Brown's)
  • Pisa Light

Medium Walls (27" to 40")

  • Parkwall gravity wall
  • Parkwall Classic gravity wall
  • Outcropping gravity wall (see Rosetta by Brown's)

High Walls (greater than 40")

  • Parkwall reinforced walls
  • Parkwall Classic reinforced walls
  • Outcropping CIP or reinforced walls
  • Grande gravity or reinforced walls

Note: above assumes no surcharge and normal site conditions. Units are interlocking so no mortar, glue or clips are necessary. Overall stability comes from the mass (weight) of the total wall. Where additional support is required, horizontal layers of soil reinforcement extending into the backfill can be used to increase the effective weight of the gravity mass