Charington Details

Shouldice’s Charington Details provide a distinctive accent to windows and doors. A number of in stock details are available for standard openings, while details for specialty openings can be manufactured to your specifications.


Only available through Brown's Concrete in the Greater Sudbury region.

Window and Door Surrounds

With the addition of headers (top of window) and candles (sides of windows) you can make your home one of distinction.

Keystones, chicklets, rosettes, shoes and springers can be added for personal effect in the surrounds, or used as separate ornamental features.

Product is typically available in Tapestry and Rock-stone finishes in most styles, with Flutonia and Diamond profiles being available in select styles. The pieces can be ordered pre-cut to your window dimensions or ordered in bulk and have your mason do the basic cuts onsite.

Styles of surrounds include:

  • Tudor, which has a basic dimensional style.
  • Stuart, which has gentle curves that softens the angular aesthetics of your home.
  • Roman, which can be used to create a simple arch, or be dressed up with accent pieces.
  • Georgian, which are multi centred arches that are matched to your window's profile.
  • Custom, which bring your imagination to life.

Additional Resources

For additional information such as Product Ordering Details, Laying Patterns, Installation Instructions, Specifications and FAQs, please visit our resources section.

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Charington Details

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Custom Colours

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Custom Colours

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Standard Colours

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Standard Colours


*The above colours are considered approximate only. For closer representations, request samples from our main office.