Servian Wall

In the sixth century BCE, Servius Tullius constructed a defensive barrier around the city of Rome. The wall provided formidable enough to repel Hannibal , one of the greatest military commanders in history. The Servian Wall System from Brown's, like its namesake, is recognized for its durability and strength, and is ideal for a variety of landscape applications.

The Servian Wall system is composed of massive wet-cast concrete modules which resemble large blocks of square cut stone. The coping is the 6' Dimensional step from the Rosetta Step Collection.

The combination of natural appearance, dimensional consistency and built in lifting hooks make the Servian Wall system a practical and efficient alternative to armour stone.

More Information


  • Dimensions: 18" high x 72" wide x 24" deep (457mmm x 1.829mm x 610mm)
  • Weight Solid Unit: 2,300 lbs / 1,045 kg
  • Weight Hollow Unit: 1,800 lbs / 818 kg


  • Dimensions: 18" high x 36" wide x 24" deep (457mmm x 914mm x 610mm)
  • Weight Solid Unit: 1,150 lbs / 523 kg
  • Weight Hollow Unit: 900 lbs / 409 kg