Adora Antico

Realize your landscaping dreams with the Adora Antico. Specifically designed for dramatic, yet understated elegance, the chiseled surface and random appearing edges refine a generation of hand hewn masons, mimicking their natural strokes that can be seen time and time again through artifacts, and now in your home.

All four sizes are sold and packaged together.

More Information

Each Adora Antico cube includes:

  • Large Rectangle 10.63" x 8" x 2.36" (270mm x 203mm x 60mm)
  • Medium Rectangle 10.63" x 5.32" x 2.36" (270 mm x 135 mm x 60 mm)
  • Small Rectangle 8" x 5.32" x 2.36" (203mm x 135mm x 60mm)
  • Square 5.32" x 5.32" x 2.36" (135mm x 135mm x 60mm)
  • Cube Content: 36 large rectangle, 72 medium rectangle, 72 small rectangle, 72 square
  • Cube Coverage: 88 square feet

Available colours (see the Bestway website for samples):

  • Beige Mix
  • Grey Mix
  • Sahara Blend
  • Rustic Salmon Mix
  • Royal Sandstone