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Miscellaneous Hardscape Products

RJ X2 Polymeric Jointing Sand

DynaMatrix RJ X2 Polymeric Jointing Sand® is a dry mixture of calibrated sands, polymers, binders and dedicated chemical controlling agents specially designed to bind firmly and become water resistant in minutes. This new generation of Polymeric Jointing Sand Technology controls overwatering by forming an initial set in minutes, which eliminates saturation of water from sprinklers, rain and other water sources. The RJ X2 is a premium performing polymeric jointing sand that has been carefully blended with various polymers and control agents to increase stability, diminish weeds and vegetation growth, control excess watering, and ensures lasting durability to your paver project. DynaMatrix RJ X2 Polymeric Jointing Sand retains the elasticity needed to adapt the movements of the pavement surface. It will resist erosion due to weather, maintenance and traffic. It is specially formulated for quick setting applications. For wide joint applications, we recommend you use DynaMatrix WJ Polymeric Jointing Sand. For standard joint applications, we recommend you use DynaMatrix RJ Polymeric Jointing Sand

More Information

Product comes in a 22.7kg. (50 lb.) bag, which covers 2 to 8 square metres (20 to 80 square feet) depending on the width of your pavement joints.

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